Natural Products Expo West 2017 brings together the best in organic and natural foods. Creating sustainable, nutritious freeze-dried foods is our mission, so naturally we were at the show. We went last year too, and this year we were delighted to see new trends and old favorites making appearances. Whether it is plant proteins or fermented foods, we have found the best natural trends for you to explore.

1. Natural charcuteries are in

It seemed like everywhere you looked at the show, there was a brand showcasing a new type of natural or organic charcuterie. These products are in high demand and are carving out a spot in the market.

2. Plant protein continues to grow in popularity

Plant proteins, whether in powdered form or in vegetarian and vegan meals, are gaining more traction in the health and food industry and were out in force at Expo West. Expect big growth in this area.

3. Beans, beans, everywhere

Bean products featuring chickpeas, fava beans, peas, and more were featured prominently, and not only in savory forms. Companies like Hope Hummus are trying their luck creating dessert-flavored hummus.

4. Fermented foods are on the rise

Fermented foods are proving their staying power, with new kombucha products and drinking vinegars making a splash, providing unique flavors with probiotic potential.

5. Healthy fats are the way to go

A recent trend incorporating healthy medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) into all sorts of different foods is exploding as more companies begin to incorporate MCTs from coconut oil, palm oil, or dairy fat into products.

6. Exotic is becoming mainstream

Flavors like turmeric, most famous for its role in curries, is finding its way into all sorts of new products, including milks and teas.

7. Quinoa is back with a vengeance

Quinoa was facing a global shortage the past few years, but the crop is beginning to explode domestically. Scientists say it might also be feeding the world soon.

8. Big food turns to natural brands

Many major food companies are turning to natural brands for partnerships, or are pursuing ventures of their own. Denise Morrison, CEO of Campbell Soup Company, spoke about how the company is working to realize its promise of fresh, natural foods.

9. Natural brands expand their scope

In line with the last trend, many natural food companies and brands are taking shots at grabbing larger market shares, thanks to increased attention from consumers.

10. Private equity invests

Venture capitalists have turned their eye toward food, and the 2017 show was evidence of that. Innovative food brands are getting major financial attention from investors looking to find the next big movement in food.
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