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Freeze-Dried Foods For Breakfast

As families grow and life stages evolve, so do the meal habits of today’s consumers. It’s no secret that portability and snackability are a growing trend while the traditional three square meals a day mentality is slowly losing steam. People are eating whenever and wherever, so brands are jumping at the opportunity to meet this

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Unique Uses for Freeze-Dried Foods

Food innovation is at a high, and with that comes the need to stay ahead of the game and deliver items that consumers demand. Using freeze-dried food in your products adds natural flavor and nutrition. Freeze-drying leaves more nutrients intact in fruits and vegetables than any other preservation method. This means the flavor is never

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The Perfection of Freeze-Dried Apples

At Mercer Foods, we celebrate the apple! With more than 2,500 known varieties grown in the U.S., and upward of 7,500 varieties grown worldwide, apples come in many shapes, colors, flavors, and hybrids. A member of the rose family, apples are an ancient fruit and have been grown for thousands of years. Far more than

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The Top Six Trends From IFT17

At the end of June, Mercer Foods headed to Las Vegas to attend and exhibit at the Institute of Food Technologists 2017 trade show, or IFT17 for short. As the largest technology and research and development show of the year for the food industry, we always look forward to attending and seeing the latest advancements and ingenuity in our field. This year was no exception.  The innovation and new ideas in food trends were just as blistering as the Las Vegas entertainment scene and the sun outside the show.

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10 Tips to Go Green This Summer

Here at Mercer Foods we are dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment and our local community. We use green technology and have invested in renewable resources to be a leader not only in freeze-dried products, but in corporate social responsibility as well. Making eco-conscious changes at home can set the stage for sustainable habits at work as well. This summer, we encourage you to join us by changing your habits in an effort to make your everyday choices more sustainable. Below, we outline 10 easy ways to adapt green actions to your summer season.

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Freeze-Dried Corn: Nutritious, Useful, and Tasty

For many, corn is the official vegetable of summer. Those with an ear to the ground will notice corn making its way into salsas, casseroles, and crowd-pleasing barbecues. Most people are familiar with field corn, though many are not aware of its sweet, buttery counterpart, supersweet corn. This vegetable, combined with the freeze-drying process, can

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Why You Should Use Freeze-Dried Peaches In Your Products

The peach is a truly amazing fruit that boasts nuanced flavors and distinct colors. Freeze-drying harnesses all the flavor of fresh fruit without losing any of the original taste profiles or nutrition. One of the oldest fruits, peaches predate humans with archeological evidence dating back 2.6 million years to the Pliocene era. Here at Mercer

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3 Things To Love About Freeze-Dried Mangoes

If any fruit is having its time in the spotlight, it’s the mango! People can’t get enough of this exotic, flavorful fruit. Mangoes are the most widely consumed fruit in the world and were first grown in India more than 5,000 years ago. The fruit was the inspiration for the modern paisley pattern, and a

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The Benefits of Bulk Ordering Freeze-Dried Ingredients

Whether you are a business owner, food buyer, or in product development, you are likely on the constant lookout for ways to reduce overhead costs and save money not just for your company, but also for your consumer. You know buying in bulk can save time and money, but freeze-dried food is a bit different

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Top 10 Trends From the Sweets & Snacks Expo 2017

We love what we do here at Mercer Foods, and one of our favorite times of year is trade show and expo season. The movers and shakers, new products and old standbys come together to showcase the latest and greatest in products, innovation, and trends. The Sweets & Snacks Expo is exactly what it sounds

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