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The Super Benefits of Superfoods

Are superfoods really super? Sure, they’re great additions to any diet, but they don’t just benefit your consumers; they’re vital for creating healthy products. Healthy eating is in right now, which means consumers are more informed than ever about what they’re putting in their bodies. Take a look at the many benefits of four popular

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Top Takeaways from the IDDBA Show

The International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) show in New Orleans was a huge success this year. Our team at the event connected with peers, learned about industry trends, and gave out samples of our Truth in Snacks and AquaFruit products. If you couldn’t make the event, have no fear! We’ve rounded up a few

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Sustainable Saturday: Reuse Your Resources

In the first of our three-part Sustainable Saturday series on the mantra “reduce, reuse, recycle,” we discussed how you can reduce your waste. In this second installment, we will dive into the various ways you can reuse the resources you already have — including getting more out of your food. The United States is one

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10 Things Mercer Foods Is Thankful For

As the holidays jump into full swing, we at Mercer Foods like to give thanks for a wonderful year filled with innumerable opportunities. We checked in with 10 of our employees to see what they’re thankful for this holiday season. "I am thankful that each day presents new opportunities, and I’m grateful to have been

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3 Trends from the PLMA Private Label Trade Show 2016

PLMA’s Private Label Trade Show is the place to be to discover the latest innovations in the private label world. Mercer Foods has attended for the past four years, immersed in creating products and offering innovative solutions for private label use. Mercer Foods is regularly on hand to offer thoughts and takeaways from every industry

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5 Tasty Holiday Recipes Made With Freeze-Dried Food

The biggest food-centered holiday is nearly here: Thanksgiving. To keep sane during this trying time of food preparations and cooking, easy recipes are a must. Freeze-dried foods offer exciting culinary options for the holidays. In addition to saving time and allowing for advance prep, here are some unique spins on classic holiday dishes you can

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Industry-leading producer of freeze-dried foods receives private investment from Graham Partners. MODESTO, Calif. (November 10, 2016)—Mercer Foods, the industry leader in natural and clean-label freeze dried foods, announced today that the company has received a private investment from Graham Partners. Graham’s investment interest in Mercer focuses on the attractive conversion opportunities available in the freeze-dried

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3 Ways to Use Organic Freeze-Dried Fruit in Your Meals

We have shared before the various ways freeze-dried food can enhance your culinary experiences. This time, we share the freeze-dried possibilities that flavorful, organic freeze-dried fruit brings to the table. Read on to discover the healthy, fruit-filled meal possibilities. Bolster your breakfast Fruit is a healthy way to jazz up breakfast. To mix it up,

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5 Things We Learned at SupplySide West 2016

How important is it to know what is in your food? Clean labels make it possible to know exactly what goes into the food we consume. SupplySide West provided valuable insights into the world of natural and clean-label ingredients. Come along as we take you through our discoveries at this Las Vegas-based show. 1. SupplySide

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Sustainable Saturday: Reduce Your Refuse

At Mercer Foods, we believe we have a responsibility as stewards to our planet. Join us for the first of a three-part Sustainable Saturday series, where we dive deep into a classic phrase: “Reduce, reuse, recycle.” At first glance, this catchy saying seems simple. Remember though, the actions are listed in order of importance. Reducing

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