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With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Mercer Foods has been providing superior quality freeze dried foods and ingredients to clients around the world for two generations. Our dedication to stringent quality control and complete customer satisfaction are the core of our company tradition, allowing us to provide our clients with the best freeze dried foods on the planet.

Here at Mercer Foods, you will find ultra-modern facilities, uncompromising quality assurance programs, complete compliance with freeze dried food standards, and innovative technologies that include everything from sustainable energy practices to automated sanitation and allergen removal.

Mercer Foods proudly provides a comprehensive list of products and services for our clients around the world. From total menu and ingredient control to fully customized retail packaging services to a global shipping network that delivers your freeze dried foods reliably and consistently, Mercer Foods spares no expense in ensuring your complete satisfaction.

In addition, Mercer Foods employs an integrated research and development team that can help you map out a production and delivery schedule tailored to your specific needs. From organic freeze dried fruits and vegetables to specially prepared and packaged bulk freeze dried foods and ingredients, Mercer utilizes innovative technologies and techniques to ensure prompt and accurate delivery of your product.

Quality, sustainability, and service have been the hallmarks of Mercer Foods since our inception, and our ongoing commitment to perfecting our freeze drying process has solidified our reputation as a leader in the freeze dried foods industry.

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