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Mercer Foods provides ingredients and contract drying services to pet food companies, including a number of the leading pet food brands. We custom-formulate blends of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables to meet the nutrition and palatability requirements of our customers. We also contract different dry proteins for use in pet foods and pet treats.

For pet food manufacturers exploring ways to incorporate real fruits and vegetables into their pet food or treat product lines, our product development team can help. Freeze-drying offers the unique benefit of ready to eat, bite-sized pieces, of fruit and vegetables. Plus, you will have a clean label and most of the original nutritional value and flavor of the fresh fruit or vegetable. Mercer Foods works with you to develop a custom blend and package in bulk.

Mercer Foods also offers contract freeze-drying for animal proteins and formulated meals or treat. Freeze-drying delivers a finished product that requires no refrigeration, thawing or messy preparation.

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