Get Creative With Freeze-Dried Fruit Powders

Give your products a leg up on the competition with this innovative freeze-dried ingredient.

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Healthy Consumer Food Trends for the New Year

If your brand is ready to launch a new product, make sure it’s in line with these customer food trends.

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Freeze-Drying in the Pet Food Industry

The pet food industry is on the rise, with millennials becoming the largest group of pet owners in the United States. In 2016, millennials spent 32 percent more than in 2015, so the industry is lucrative! Read on to discover the possibilities freeze-drying can add to your pet food product line.

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Food Safety and Freeze-Dried Foods

When it comes to food safety, freeze-drying is one of the safest methods of food handling used today.

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Increase Store Brand Sales With Freeze-Dried Foods

Learn how you can deliver demand-generating products with Mercer Foods private label services.

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All About Sulfites

When you hear the term sulfites, your first thought might be wine. However, many food products, especially those that are shelf stable, contain added sulfites for preservative purposes. Mercer Foods does not add sugars, sulfites, or chemicals to our products. Our process and expertise allow our products to deliver unmatched shelf-life and flavor without added

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The Benefits of Freeze-Dried Ingredients in Pet Food

We’ve covered the many health benefits of freeze-dried foods for people, but what about for our canine and feline friends? Research shows that sales of pet food incorporating freeze-dried ingredients have surged in recent years. Pet owners are only just beginning to realize the benefits of freeze-dried foods for pet health, and they’re clamoring for

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The Top 10 Food Trends to Look for in 2017

2017 is here, and you’re likely curious about what food trends consumers are getting excited about for the coming year. Whether you’re developing new products, researching new ways to use a tried-and-true ingredient, or thinking about changing an existing product’s marketing strategy, knowing what consumers are clamoring for keeps your foods relevant. Mercer Foods distills

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3 Ways to Use Organic Freeze-Dried Fruit in Your Meals

We have shared before the various ways freeze-dried food can enhance your culinary experiences. This time, we share the freeze-dried possibilities that flavorful, organic freeze-dried fruit brings to the table. Read on to discover the healthy, fruit-filled meal possibilities. Bolster your breakfast Fruit is a healthy way to jazz up breakfast. To mix it up,

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Freeze-dried and Nutrition Bars: A Natural Pairing

Nutrition bars are a popular food trend right now. Grocery stores love them for their lengthy shelf lives, and consumers are more than willing to pay more for them. Considering this, it seems like a prime space for new products. While there are plenty of options for flavorings and ingredients, freeze-dried foods are a natural

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