Mercer’s Food Preservation Ingredient Guide

To freeze-dry or not to freeze-dry? Understand the ins and outs of its benefits with our guide to produce preservation methods.

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The History of Freeze-Drying

Discover the long and varied history of freeze-drying and how much the technology has changed through the years.

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Make MREs More Exciting with Freeze-Dried Foods

Meals ready to eat (MREs) are getting more and more popular. Whether customers are backpacking or preparing for potential emergencies, demand for MREs has increased, as have customer expectations.

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Eat the Rainbow

It’s well known that the key to a balanced diet is a variety of fruits and vegetables. Not just pleasing to the eye, the color of your food can indicate details about the nutrition it holds. By eating a variety of colors, or “eating the rainbow,” you can help ensure you get as many vitamins

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How to Use Freeze-Dried Foods for a Delicious Dinner

Cooking three square meals a day isn’t easy, and families are looking for ways to add nutrition to dinner without adding time. That’s where freeze-dried produce comes in handy! With a wide variety of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables available to you, any meal can be spiced up with some simple additions. The meal prep trend

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The Science of Sublimation

Freeze-dried food is preserved at the peak of ripeness and nutrient content, easily comparing with fresh produce. The final product of freeze-drying provides flavor, versatility, and nutritional value not found in other types of food preservation. In the freeze-drying process, sublimation is when the magic happens. It’s the scientific name for the moment a solid

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All About Lyophilization

Lyophilization! The scientific name for the art and science of freeze-drying may be a mouthful and spelling bee stumbler, but it ultimately leads to a product that serves many uses.  The lyophilization process can be broken down into three components, which when performed together, results in freeze-dried food. The lyophilization process To start off, the

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Freeze-Dried Foods For Breakfast

As families grow and life stages evolve, so do the meal habits of today’s consumers. It’s no secret that portability and snackability are a growing trend while the traditional three square meals a day mentality is slowly losing steam. People are eating whenever and wherever, so brands are jumping at the opportunity to meet this

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Freeze-Dried Corn: Nutritious, Useful, and Tasty

For many, corn is the official vegetable of summer. Those with an ear to the ground will notice corn making its way into salsas, casseroles, and crowd-pleasing barbecues. Most people are familiar with field corn, though many are not aware of its sweet, buttery counterpart, supersweet corn. This vegetable, combined with the freeze-drying process, can

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The Benefits of Bulk Ordering Freeze-Dried Ingredients

Whether you are a business owner, food buyer, or in product development, you are likely on the constant lookout for ways to reduce overhead costs and save money not just for your company, but also for your consumer. You know buying in bulk can save time and money, but freeze-dried food is a bit different

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