The Benefits of Freeze-Dried Ingredients in Pet Food

We’ve covered the many health benefits of freeze-dried foods for people, but what about for our canine and feline friends? Research shows that sales of pet food incorporating freeze-dried ingredients have surged in recent years. Pet owners are only just beginning to realize the benefits of freeze-dried foods for pet health, and they’re clamoring for

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How Mercer Foods Taps into Innova’s Top 10 Food Trends

The food industry is in a period of shift. Products fall in and out of fashion, and new trends materialize and disappear almost too quickly to keep up. But Innova’s food trends are well-researched and not mere flights of fancy. Mercer Foods is consistently keeping our finger on the pulse of the industry, ensuring that

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3 Vegetarian Meal Ideas for Spring

If you’re looking for some meatless meal ideas, you’re in luck: Spring is a great time of year to get excited about produce. Whether you’re planning a dinner party for vegetarian guests or just looking to eat less meat and add more vegetables to your diet, use these pointers to create healthy vegetarian meals that will

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The Health Benefits of Freeze-Dried Food

For as long as people have been eating, we’ve been searching for healthy, efficient ways to preserve food longer. All around the world, every culture has developed its own techniques for specific foods: Whole eggs smothered in oil, vegetables buried underground to ferment, and meats wrapped in gelatin. These days, the foods you find in

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