Sustainable Saturday: Your Guide to Green Technology

No matter your opinion about the environment, most people can get on board with the principles of sustainability. Creating less waste and embracing products and technologies that are gentler on our environment can result in a smaller carbon footprint and, in some cases, serious savings. We will take you through all the ways — from

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The Sunny Science Behind Solar Panels

Fossil fuels have been our energy partners for much of the 20th and 21st centuries. But now we are seeing a revolution in alternative energies that are clean, cheap, and sustainable. Solar power is an important part of our sustainability operations, and the sun is a major help in powering our facilities. But how do

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Sustainable Saturday: Why Solar? 3 Benefits of Solar Parks

Solar power is rapidly becoming a resource with exponential benefits. As part of Mercer Food’s Sustainable Saturday series, we outline the benefits of solar parks, and what they can do to make our world a more sustainable, healthier place. Solar parks utilize unused space Sustainability and conservation are often associated with doing more with resources

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Solar Power’s Day in the Sun Has Arrived

Today is Earth Day. All over the world, people and organizations are putting a spotlight on environmental sustainability. But for Mercer Foods, every day is Earth Day — sustainability is one of our core values. We strive to be industry leaders of environmentally conscious manufacturing, which is why we cut our water usage by over

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