Freeze-dried foods have many different uses, some of which are currently known by some consumers. You can add freeze-dried vegetables to a recipe, make a better dessert, or conveniently pack it for a trip. But what happens when we think outside the box? Join us as we explore several new and unique methods for using freeze-dried food in your products. Along the way, you might discover your next big idea.

Meal kits and prepared recipes

Food kits and meal delivery services are currently in fashion, so why not offer potential customers your own spin on the idea? Using different freeze-dried foods, you can create readymade meal kits. Have an idea for a stew? Pick the right combination of veggies, and you can create a delicious meal that only requires boiling water and spices. Meat and other protein products can be freeze-dried too, giving you even more possibilities when constructing a prepared meal.

New spins on old classics

Looking for a refresh to a tried-and-true product? Freeze-dried foods can be incorporated into many of your favorite recipes without significantly altering the ratio of ingredients, so you can experiment with throwing some freeze-dried strawberries or blueberries into a baking mix or another recipe. Pasta or rice mixes can be upgraded with the addition of freeze-dried veggies such as broccoli, peas or green beans. Try swapping out a traditional ingredient for a freeze-dried one. What about a freeze-dried bananas foster kit that can immediately upgrade a bowl of ice cream?

Quick additions for botched recipes

Freeze-dried food can offer a “Hail Mary” style solution to avert food disasters. It’s useful for a consumer to have a little bit of freeze-dried ingredients on hand when making soups or casseroles. If consumers forget a critical ingredient, freeze-drying can save the day at any point in the cooking process with a quick reconstitution. Consumers might also consider offering freeze-dried vegetable mixes for specific recipes to shorten the shopping list and cooking time.

A perfect trail and hiking companion

Lightness is the name of the game when it comes to outdoor activities and hiking. Freeze-dried meals and snacks can provide the perfect fuel for backpacking excursions or emergency kits. Individual freeze-dried fruits and veggies also add nutritional value to consumers’ favorite protein and snack bars. For hikers and backpackers, freeze-dried meals are still the lightest (and tastiest) companions money can buy, and the meals ready to eat (MRE) space has plenty of room for innovation.

Some of these ideas may be a tad unconventional, but hopefully you now have a little more inspiration for the possibilities freeze-drying can offer. If you’d like more information about how Mercer Foods can help you realize your freeze-drying ambitions, contact us, or chat with us on Twitter or Facebook.