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Mercer Foods is dedicated to offering the best available freeze-dried produce in the industry. And we are equally as passionate about using processes that are kind to the earth. We are continuously investing in green technology and renewable resources that protect our future.

Conservation Efforts

Solar field

To reduce our energy usage, we draw power from a 220,000 square-foot solar field with 3,852 solar modules. The solar power generated by the field provides two months of our plant’s power needs annually. We also employ a smart lighting system to ensure reduced electricity usage.

Our conservation efforts also expand to water usage in our plants. Ongoing improvements have resulted in a 72% decrease of plant-wide water usage, and our third-generation advanced boiler system has reduced our carbon emissions by a significant 85%.


Orange picker

All of our fruits and vegetables are ethically and responsibly sourced. We maintain close relationships with a robust network of local and global farmers – from Mexico to Chile, Vietnam and Europe – to gain insight into expected harvests. This helps us ensure we support our farmers’ livelihoods and offer reliable quality to our customers.