Lyophilization! The scientific name for the art and science of freeze-drying may be a mouthful and spelling bee stumbler, but it ultimately leads to a product that serves many uses.  The lyophilization process can be broken down into three components, which when performed together, results in freeze-dried food.

The lyophilization process

To start off, the product is frozen for the first time. This enables all the water and liquid within a food to become a solid — essentially ice. Using a combination of time and pressure, the solid liquid turns to vapor. Next, the vapor is forced out of the food as a gas by using controlled, subtle heat. The vapor is harnessed, refrozen, melted, and then drained through our waste water process. The final product is perfectly preserved freeze-dried food!

The benefits of lyophilization

Freeze-drying leaves more nutrients intact in fruits and vegetables than any other preservation method, while also resulting in great, true-to-the-original taste. Here at Mercer Foods, we take pride in our custom-built freeze-dryers and our process that ensures speed and quality no matter the product.

Take a look at our infographic that outlines the complex process of lyophilization to learn about this cool technique.

Learn about the complex process of freeze-drying with our easy-to-understand infographic.

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