In the latest issue of California Bountiful Magazine, Mercer Foods is featured in an in-depth article on freeze-dried food. Freeze-dried foods gained popularity with backpackers and campers years ago, and have recently gone mainstream. As more health-conscious shoppers are looking for nutritious and flavorful convenient foods, more shelf space in grocery stores is dedicated to freeze-dried foods.

The article covers a few advantages of freeze-dried foods, a brief look at the history of freeze-dried foods, Mercer Foods’ history and innovative freeze-dried process, and the farms we partner with.

“Mercer Foods begins with individually quick-frozen foods that are spread out on trays, then freeze-dried in a vacuum chamber, converting the solid water (ice) directly into vapor, Noland said. The vapor is pumped out of the chamber, resulting in a dried product that is then sealed in moisture-proof packaging. The process may take hours or days, depending on the food.

Mercer Foods’ freeze-drying method removes more than 95 percent of water from food, which makes the food lightweight and extends its shelf life, Noland explained.

“The food’s color, shape and flavors are left intact,” he added. “The healthy bonus is that freeze-dried foods retain a high percentage of their original taste and nutrition, without adding sugar, sulfur or preservatives.””

Read the full article here: California Bountiful Magazine July/Aug 2016.

The July/August issue of California Bountiful Magazine features Mercer Foods and their innovative freeze-drying process.