Industry-leading producer of natural and organic freeze-dried foods combines solar energy
with water conservation and emissions reduction

MODESTO, Calif. (July 6, 2010)—Mercer Foods, the industry leader in natural and organic freeze-dried foods, announced today the commissioning and start-up of its innovative new Solar Energy System. This system is the most extensive solar facility in the freeze-dried fruits and vegetables industry in North America. The system stretches over more than 5 acres, generates 1,540,000 kWh of energy per year and provides up to 80% of the total electrical requirements of the Mercer Foods manufacturing facility in Modesto, California.

Additionally, Mercer Foods has instituted several major water conservation programs throughout the facility. These programs have cut the water usage at the facility by 72%.

Mercer Foods also installed a new, next-generation boiler system to reduce total emissions by nearly 85%. This system increases boiler capacity to serve the rapidly growing needs of the company as it undergoes significant expansion.

“Our mission is to use innovation and best practices to create the nation’s highest quality supply of freeze-dried foods and ingredients,” said David Noland, CEO of Mercer Foods. “Conducting business in a responsible manner is vital to our success in achieving our goals. We strive to provide nutritious offerings that consumers and our customers can feel good about enjoying on many levels. The three sustainability programs, led by the ground-breaking Solar Energy System, are tangible achievements in our continuous pathway as a responsible and quality food company.”

Looking forward, Noland envisions a future of continued improvement in the company’s sustainability programs. “While we are justly proud of our three most recent programs, so much remains to be accomplished,” said Noland. “Sustainability is an ongoing commitment with numerous steps both small and large. Right now we are researching a new technology for our frozen ingredient storage freezers that completely eliminates physical doors, which leak cold air whenever opened. The new technology dramatically reduces the loss of cold air and cuts the energy required for refrigeration. Whoever thought that a freezer door could be so exciting?”

About Mercer Foods

Mercer Foods is a leading producer of natural and organic freeze-dried fruits, vegetables and other foods and ingredients. The company was founded in 1980 by freeze-dried industry pioneer Jim Mercer, holder of 47 different patents in food technology. From its beginnings in the technology center of Palo Alto, California, the company has grown and expanded significantly at its current home in the food industry hub of Modesto, California. Mercer Foods sources hundreds of different foods and crops both nearby in the verdant fields of California and worldwide. From this diverse source of supply, Mercer creates the highest quality freeze-dried foods and ingredients, which the company provides to hundreds of food manufacturers and other customers. For more information, visit