Industry-leading producer of natural and organic freeze-dried foods increases its primary production to service strong growth and build for the future

MODESTO, Calif. (March 1, 2012)—Mercer Foods, the industry leader in natural and organic freeze-dried foods, announced today that the company has completed a 60% expansion to its primary freeze-drying capacity at its facility in Modesto, California.

“We have grown significantly over the past several years, and this new capacity is urgently needed to keep up with the increased demand for our products,” said David Noland, CEO of Mercer Foods. “We made an earlier expansion that was quite large, but since then both our growth and the upward trend of the freeze-dry industry have accelerated. Freeze-dried foods and ingredients meet the needs of both consumers and manufacturers in terms of nutrition, taste, quality and the adoption of “clean” foods free of additives, sweeteners and chemicals.”

The freeze-drying process uses advanced technologies that remove all water and moisture naturally without cooking, boiling or otherwise degrading the product. The result is a perfectly intact food, retaining all of its original taste and nutrition, with the greatest nutrient density of any form of drying. Many of the innovations now used in the freeze-drying industry were invented by company founder Jim Mercer, a leading food scientist and holder of 47 patents.

As Mercer Foods develops, Noland knows that the company needs to ready for further expansion as needed. “During this recent 60% expansion, we also prepared several systems in our facility to expand yet again with additional capacity at the appointed time,” said Noland. “The ongoing upward trend for Mercer and for the industry leave me convinced that future expansion will also be required. Freeze-dried foods are the perfect solution for consumers and food companies who seek a ‘clean label’ with great taste, high nutrition, functionality and the avoidance of unnecessary additives.”

About Mercer Foods

Mercer Foods is a leading producer of natural and organic freeze-dried fruits, vegetables and other foods and ingredients. The company was founded in 1980 by freeze-dried industry pioneer Jim Mercer. From its beginnings in the technology center of Palo Alto, California, the company has grown and expanded significantly at its current home in the food industry hub of Modesto, California. Mercer Foods sources hundreds of different foods and crops nearby in the verdant fields of California and worldwide. From this diverse source of supply, Mercer creates the highest quality freeze-dried foods and ingredients, which the company provides to hundreds of food manufacturers and other customers. For more information, visit