Innovation and new product development shouldn’t be cost prohibitive. Using freeze-dried ingredients in your products saves money for your company, as well as your consumer. One of the more versatile ingredients, freeze-dried foods allow research and development teams to create unique items to enhance product assortments.

The Benefits of Freeze-Dried Ingredients

Overall, freeze-dried food is significantly lighter in weight than other applications resulting in up to six times more pieces per pound than traditional drying methods. That means freeze-dried food delivers more for the cost. Freeze-dried ingredients also have a lower cost per piece than other food drying methods, averaging 30 – 50 percent less.

Using freeze-dried food in your products adds natural flavor and nutrition. Freeze-drying leaves more nutrients intact in fruits and vegetables than any other preservation method. This means the flavor is never synthetic or processed. No matter what ingredient you are looking for, we are dedicated to finding the right solutions for your product and brand.

The Mercer Foods Advantage

When you work with Mercer Foods freeze-dried ingredients, you are only paying for the ingredient. There are no added sugars, sulfites, or chemicals. We keep the taste and flavor pure and natural. Our process is a combination of art and science resulting in only the highest-quality products.

Check out our new infographic to learn how to maximize the cost benefits of your ingredient investments with freeze-dried foods.

Learn how you can save money with freeze-dried food.

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