Primates aren’t the only ones bananas about bananas. Bad jokes aside, at Mercer Foods, we are passionate about each and every one of our freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, and we want you to be passionate about them too. Of course, to really love freeze-dried bananas, you have to know a bit more about them. Luckily, they’re nutritious, tasty, and portable.


We all know their signature taste and texture, but what about bananas’ nutritional value? Bananas are high in potassium, and high-potassium foods are great for lowering blood pressure. Bananas are also a source of sterols, which help block the absorption of dietary cholesterol.

While bananas have sugar, they are low on the glycemic index and high in fiber, which means they are absorbed by the human body more gradually, providing a healthier source of quick energy, unlike many refined sugars.

The best news about all this nutrition info is that freeze-drying preserves all the nutritional qualities of a banana while transforming it into a light, crispy, tasty snack.


Bananas are famous for their creamy texture and mouthfeel, and their versatility as an ingredient. Banana bread, banana cookies, banana protein shakes, bananas à la mode — bananas make their way into so many different delicious foods.

Freeze-dried bananas have a different texture, providing a satisfying crunch. But they also have versatility as an ingredient. They can be ground into powder for instant banana flavoring, diced and chopped for use in a nutrition bar, or incorporated into a recipe for a baking mix. With the addition of water, they reconstitute to their original form.


Remember the bruised and brown fresh bananas you packed in your hiking bag or lunch? Their freeze-dried counterparts are just as tasty and easy to tote and won’t get mashed. Freeze-dried bananas are light, and can be packaged and sold individually or purchased in bulk. The lightweight results of the freeze-drying process can also be cost effective compared to dehydration or other preservation methods that use liquids or syrups.

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