1. Freeze-dried foods pack a nutritional punch.

Freeze-drying is often seen as a “processed food” because it is made in a large, industrial facility. Because of that misconception, the health benefits of this marvelous food preservation method are often overlooked. In fact, freeze-drying leaves more nutrients intact in fruits and vegetables than any other preservation method.

2. Our freeze-drying process is eco-conscious.

Customers are increasingly invested in the methods used in the production of their food. In our efforts to reduce our environmental impact, Mercer Foods has invested in renewable energy sources and uses green technology that enables us to produce the best freeze-dried foods on the planet.

3. We have perfected an ancient art.

Around the world and throughout time, the wonders of freeze-drying have been an integral part in the development, advancement, and survival of many ancient cultures and early explorers. Later, it caffeinated the Industrial Revolution, helped heal wounded soldiers in World War II, and even fed astronauts on Apollo 7. Without freeze-drying, history would look very different.

4. Our freeze-drying process is innovative and advanced.

Today’s methods for freeze-drying are complex and require cutting-edge equipment and the latest techniques. At Mercer, we are committed to providing our customers and clients with the best of the best. That is why we design and build our own equipment. A look at the details of sublimation and lyophilization can help you understand exactly what freeze-drying entails and why we designed our equipment.

5. Freeze-dried foods are unique and versatile.

One of the best aspects of freeze-dried food is its versatility and lasting power. No other preservation method produces more versatile, portable, or longer-lasting foods than freeze-drying. Whether it is for a snack, an emergency kit, or a little extra zest in your breakfast, freeze-dried foods are finding new uses every day.

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