Cooking three square meals a day isn’t easy, and families are looking for ways to add nutrition to dinner without adding time. That’s where freeze-dried produce comes in handy! With a wide variety of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables available to you, any meal can be spiced up with some simple additions. The meal prep trend also works well with freeze-dried foods. Foods that store well and add variety are perfect for planning ahead.

We always aim to provide the highest quality freeze-dried foods possible. Previously on the blog, we’ve looked at how freeze-dried fruits and vegetables can be incorporated into awesome breakfast recipes. Now we’ll explore how you can revolutionize your dinner.

The benefits of freeze-dried foods

Freeze-dried foods are delicious and easy to use, but their benefits go beyond that. Here’s how adding some new freeze-dried fruits and vegetables to your pantry can bring a host of unexpected benefits. Read on and get inspired!

  • They limit food waste. Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables don’t go bad like fresh produce, but they still retain their nutritional value. This adds more options to your pantry while reducing the amount you throw away. In fact, the average American throws away about 16 percent of the food they buy. By adding freeze-dried goods to the mix, you reduce your waste and add a source of nutrition that’s easy and safe to store outside the refrigerator.
  • They increase your options and creativity. Since freeze-dried foods are easy to store, you can have more options on hand. With more to use, your creativity in the kitchen goes up. Elevate any recipe or dinner menu with a wide variety of produce from your pantry.
  • They’re great for meal planning. If you’re up on current trends, you know meal planning is in. This trend of making meals in advance is perfect for busy families. Get your cooking done on Sunday and simply reheat your recipes later in the week. Meals in a jar are the pinnacle of meal planning. By putting all your dried and freeze-dried ingredients together at one time, it’s easy to grab a jar and whip up dinner anytime. Add freeze-dried peas, broccoli, and green beans to your dried beans and lentils for a simple vegetable soup. Just add hot water!
  • They’re easy to transport. Due to their minimal weight, freeze-dried dinners are ideal for camping or backpacking. If you’re planning on taking a camping trip any time soon, consider packing lightweight freeze-dried meals to save space.

Time to get cooking

Freeze-dried peas are incredibly versatile. They add great texture and flavor to pasta mixes, and are also staples in many popular stews. By adding dried vegetables to a dish that already has liquid, you don’t need to rehydrate them first. Just throw your freeze-dried vegetables into the pot with a few tablespoons of extra water. Prepackaged soups and pastas are easy dinner fixes for busy families.

Freeze-dried broccoli is great in slow cooker recipes! Try a slow-simmering lentil soup and add the broccoli to the mix. This will add flavor, texture, and nutrition. Freeze-dried cauliflower is delicious when crumbled on top of casseroles. This crispy topping is healthy, too!

Use freeze-dried fruits to create an exciting salad for dinner. Try adding some dried apple and peaches to a fresh salad for some light sweetness, crunchy texture, and some fun color! Whether the salad is a side or the main dish, a freeze-dried twist adds a little something special to dinner.

With so many uses for freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, dinner just got more exciting! If you’re ready to integrate freeze-dried foods into dinner products, reach out and connect with us or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.