Nutrition bars are a popular food trend right now. Grocery stores love them for their lengthy shelf lives, and consumers are more than willing to pay more for them. Considering this, it seems like a prime space for new products. While there are plenty of options for flavorings and ingredients, freeze-dried foods are a natural partner for manufacturers seeking to upgrade their nutrition bar offerings. First, let us share some of the benefits.

Singing the praises of nutrition bars

Part of what makes these on-the-go snacks so appealing to consumers is their ease of consumption, health benefits, and affordability.

  • Ease of consumption: Nutrition bars come in easy-to-portion, self-contained pouches. With the right packaging, they visually pop on shelves, making great last-minute purchases in the grocery checkout. Additionally, the nutritional facts on the packaging are typically for single servings, so consumers know exactly what they are getting in each bar.
  • Health benefits: Nutrition bars can often be used as a meal replacement (make sure it is healthy, though), offering a full suite of vitamins and minerals, as well as a good supply of healthy fats and proteins. Some even carry enough carbohydrates to provide a quick boost.
  • Affordability: Consumers love the idea of getting nutrition or a meal replacement for relatively little cash. Nutrition bars offer this in a small, self-contained package.

Freeze-dried food and the nutrition bar

At this point, creating a nutrition bar seems like a no-brainer. But make it an even bigger home run with the addition of freeze-dried food. Here is how freeze-dried can enhance each of the above benefits.

  • Ease of consumption: Freeze-dried foods are lightweight and can help decrease the total weight of each bar, which is great for packaging and shipping. Fortifying a nutrition bar with freeze-dried fruit, veggies, fruit powder for flavor, or protein can also be very appetizing to a customer looking for a fresh alternative.
  • Health benefits: Freeze-dried produce retains the same nutrients as fresh produce. In addition to tasting great, they are a nutritional powerhouse.
  • Affordability: Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables end up being less expensive by total volume compared to alternatives, like dehydrated or preserved produce. Plus, you have the added benefit of no additives or preservatives.

And there is one more special bonus: innovation. Freeze-dried components open up many opportunities for innovation with the food bar. You might even be able to augment existing recipes with it. If you’re interested in what freeze-dried can do or how you might improve your existing products with it, get in touch with us, or ask your questions on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.