You can add freeze-dried fruit and produce to anything, but the latest innovation is changing up the beverage industry. Freeze-dried, fruit-infused water, like AquaFruit, provides significant benefits in convenience, food safety, speed, and ease of preparation. Intrigued? Read on, and just add water!

Aquafruit is the fresh fruit refreshment that you’ve been looking for

The Benefits

When looking at freeze-dried produce, it’s important to note that there are no preservatives, chemicals, or additives. It’s just flavorful fruit that’s ready to be added to your drink. This makes it a healthy alternative to soda or punch. In fact, AquaFruit is packed with vitamin C and other essential nutrients for a delicious and refreshing drink.

The freeze-drying process creates a product with a long shelf life, meaning it’s easy to buy in bulk and store for when you need it. You’ll never get surprised by party guests again, since the rehydrating process only takes about five minutes. You’ll be able to quickly whip up and serve a unique beverage, without the messy food preparation and cleanup. With fruit that’s already sliced and ready to go, you can skip the food preparation step completely with this delicious and unique beverage.

Fruit infused water at a party.

The Process

Freeze-drying any product comes down to lyophilization and sublimation. Lyophilization is the full freeze-drying process, where produce is freezed for the first time and then subjected to sublimation. Sublimation allows frozen foods to be dried without melting by using pressure to force a phase change from liquid to gas. Heat is then applied to finish the lyophilization process, forcing the gaseous water out of the product entirely. This process preserves the structure and flavor of produce in ways freezing and reheating, canning, or other preservation methods do not.

When adding freeze-dried fruit to water, it only takes about five minutes for the fruit to rehydrate, infusing the water with delicious fruit flavor along the way. All you need is a package of AquaFruit and a pitcher of chilled water. No special equipment is necessary!

Fruit infused water at a hotel reception.

The Uses

Perfect for a party, whether planned or unexpected, adding freeze-dried fruit to still or sparkling water is a great way to entertain guests. It’s quick and easy to make more, so you won’t end up with pitchers of wasted punch or bottles of flat soda. Make what you need, and enjoy!

Freeze-dried, fruit-infused beverages are also perfect for reception desks at hotels, conferences, and large events. Since a large batch can be made for a low price, your guests can enjoy as much as they like. It’s also great for enjoying at home, whether cooling off after a day in the sun or relaxing after work. This infused refreshment has a plethora of uses.

Intrigued by freeze-dried, fruit-infused products? Learn more about AquaFruit today. Or, see what freeze-drying can do for your food product by getting in touch with us here at Mercer or by reaching out via Facebook or Twitter for more information.