Meals ready to eat (MREs) are getting more and more popular. Whether customers are backpacking or preparing for potential emergencies, demand for MREs has increased, as have customer expectations. No longer will people suffer through bland meals in the name of hiking. Add something special to your MREs by incorporating freeze-dried fruits and vegetables.

Benefits of freeze-drying

Freeze-dried foods provide superior flavor and nutrition to other methods of preservation, and flavor and nutrition are exactly what your customers are looking for. If they’re out hitting the trails or climbing mountains, they’ll need highly nutritious meals to keep them going. With more MREs on the market, superior flavor will set your pasta and soups apart from other options on the shelf.

With the gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and paleo food trends on the rise, freeze-dried foods allow you keep your MREs current with customers’ latest demands. When customers want vegan options, it’s beneficial to have a wide variety of vegetables at your disposal to beef up simple recipes. Additionally, current food trends are all about fresh ingredients with no preservatives. Freeze-dried produce is picked at peak ripeness and then preserved within six hours of coming off the vine, out of the ground, or off the branch. That’s about as fresh as it gets.

Adding variety to your meals is another main benefit of freeze-dried goods. You can appeal to people with different tastes as well as customers in different regions. A wide variety of options can also provide comfort for those in emergencies. When the unexpected hits, it is nice to be able to provide your customers with a tasty, healthy meal.

Better breakfasts

The addition of freeze-dried produce can take any simple MRE from dull to delicious. For example, improve your basic biscuits and gravy meal with the addition of vegetables to your gravy, like peas. It’ll add color, flavor, and nutrition. Adding broccoli, asparagus, and corn to your egg skillet or scrambled egg meals is another exciting option. This addition of texture and flavor makes a simple dish more appealing. Vegetables are regularly used in breakfast skillets, so why let your customers miss out? Still need ideas? Create a one of a kind breakfast granola mix by adding a variety of berries, pomegranate seeds, and bananas. With unique flavor combinations, setting your breakfast MREs apart from the competition is simple.

Lovely lunches

Lunch MREs can be the highlight of any hiker’s day if the right ingredients are involved. When a chance to rest their feet comes along, you do not want their food to disappoint. Embrace flavor by adding peas and carrots to your chicken noodle soup, or add texture with broccoli and asparagus to your chicken and dumplings. Macaroni and cheese with steak or chicken are a common choice for MREs, so try adding colorful vegetables to mix things up. Tapping into the vegetarian market is also easier than ever when you consider making vegetables the focus of your meals. Go beyond chicken teriyaki and broaden your consumer base with a vegetable teriyaki stir-fry.

Delicious dinners

Hearty eating in the form of main courses is important for those in crisis situations. Having a delicious and substantial meal to look forward to can make all the difference in a tough time. Consider creating new stew options by adding asparagus or beets — or add green beans to one of your pasta dishes. Chili is always good with extra flavor and substance, so add corn or potatoes to provide more starch. Freeze-dried foods can inspire new menus for your survival kits, all while putting flavor and nutrition first.

Delectable desserts

Don’t stop at dinner! Freeze-dried fruit is perfect for putting a new twist on a classic dessert MRE. Add blueberries or raspberries to your cheesecake. Infuse a peach or apple crumble with nutritious and textured fruit. You can always grind up freeze-dried fruit to add a natural and authentic flavor to any sweet drink mix, like hot chocolate. With outside-the-box thinking, MREs can be fun and nutritional.

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