Raspberries are sometimes referred to as “nature’s candy,” and for good reason. This delicious, fanciful fruit packs nutrition, taste, and aesthetics all into one delightful berry-shaped package. We have been freeze-drying raspberries for a long time, and our commitment to our craft shines in our products. Here, we’ll show you what this berry has to offer a variety of potential food products, and how freeze-drying enhances its properties.


Raspberries offer myriad health benefits. A single cup of raspberries is loaded with 43 percent of our recommended daily vitamin C, plus manganese and fiber. That vitamin C bolsters eye health, manganese contributes to bone health, and the fiber content can help regulate digestion and keep the immune system healthy.

And this robust fruit doesn’t stop there. Most everyone has heard about antioxidants, but many are unclear about what they do. Simply put, these substances contribute to your body’s efforts to fight cancerous tumor growth, as well as reduce inflammation and boost your immune system. Overall, not bad for a berry.


This part is so easy, it almost writes itself. Most of us have tried a raspberry, and are familiar with the delicious, tart taste. Raspberries are the perfect addition to virtually any dessert or breakfast food, and their rich color often provides a beautiful embellishment to the look of a dish.

The freeze-drying twist

Freeze-drying preserves all of the features of the raspberry, from its nutrition to its color. But, there’s an added element the process gives to the berry: intensity of flavor. freeze-drying removes the water but keeps the fruit flavor, leaving behind a berry with concentrated sweetness. The highly-concentrated nature of the finished product is great for adding to baking recipes, as well as products where it can be rehydrated, like yogurts, oatmeal, and cereals. And, there is one more major improvement that comes along with freeze-drying.

Freeze-dried foods are cost effective

Many traditional methods of preservation, like dehydrating, don’t fully remove all the water from fruit. Sometimes, to maintain a quality product, syrups and other additives are brought into the preservation equation. These methods often alter the flavor of a product, and add a crucial component to the cost-balancing process: weight. More weight equals higher cost. Purchasing the relatively light product that freeze-drying produces can save serious cash on a price-per-piece basis.
We have made freeze-drying our business for over 37 years, and our commitment to quality ingredients and processes shines with each one of our products. If you are interested in adding freeze-dried raspberries to your next product or are curious about our other offerings, get in touch or ask questions on Twitter and Facebook.