A not-so-quiet revolution is taking place in the American Food Industry. Americans are increasingly demanding – and finding – better, cleaner foods. A recent study from Nielsen found that consumers are looking for “fresh, natural and minimally processed foods.”

From farmers markets to supermarkets, purveyors of food are offering American consumers items that are simpler, cleaner, and more flavorful. Today’s consumers are more knowledgeable than any prior generation regarding the components of healthy eating and good nutrition.

According to Food Business News, 53% of shoppers “prefer a short list of recognizable ingredients.” They read labels, know their nutrition facts, and make choices accordingly. They seek out products that are made without artificial flavors, chemical preservatives, added sugars, hydrogenated oils, and various unpronounceable poly-syllabic compounds.

Food manufacturers are responding to these trends by reformulating older established products, as they simultaneously introduce new foods with a cleaner, simpler pedigree. One leading confections company just announced the replacement of artificial flavors in its iconic chocolate with natural alternatives. A leading breakfast cereal company is dramatically lowering the amount of added sugar in its products. A leading food service products provider is systematically changing a wide range of its offerings to a more natural format, with an internal “SWOT” team of food scientists charged with leading the organization to a cleaner, simpler future.

Freeze-dried foods are

[well positioned] to benefit from the revolution in cleaner, simpler foods. For seekers of flavor, freeze drying retains more of the original flavor than any other form of drying. For consumers in search of nutrition, freeze drying retains the highest percent of original vitamins of any drying method. For food manufacturers, freeze-dried foods offer nearly infinite flexibility in application while offering superior flavor and nutrition, all in a highly shelf stable product. Additionally, freeze drying allows long shelf life for fruits such as apricots and peaches without resorting to sulphur or other artificial chemicals.

Future innovations in the freeze drying world will undoubtedly bring a number of very exciting foods to the market – foods that capitalize on the benefits of freeze drying while satisfying the desire for clean, simple goodness. Food formulators, entrepreneurs and consumers alike are finding that clean food is good food, and that a simple product offers a richness in flavor and nutrition.

Here’s to our health!

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