As partners and contractors for some of the largest pet food brands in the U.S., we custom make blends of freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, and dry proteins to create all kinds of pet kibble. That means we know a thing or two about making great pet food!

The pet food industry is on the rise, with millennials becoming the largest group of pet owners in the United States. In 2016, millennials spent 32 percent more than in 2015, so the industry is lucrative! Read on to discover the possibilities freeze-drying can add to your pet food product line.

Pet proteins

When looking at pet foods, protein is of the highest importance. Dogs are omnivores. So while they need meat, an all meat diet for dogs is hazardous. Ingredient quality plays a huge rule in the quality of your kibble. Adding plant-based protein can be a good way to round out a dog kibble and provide more balanced nutrition. Plants add needed vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Meat-based proteins, like fish, chicken, beef, and lamb, are also great options for your kibble product. Meat meal is the combination of flesh, skin, and bone. It’s s another common way suppliers add protein to a pet food. Most vets suggest pet owners look at the ingredient list to identify brands that specifically name meat and fish instead of listing meal or processed sources. Others suggest pet owners look at the amino acid levels in their pet food, rather than just protein levels.

There’s a persistent myth that too much protein can give dogs kidney problems. The research that pointed to the potential risk of kidney damage caused by protein was conducted on rats and remains unsubstantiated. Most vets don’t recommend the reduction of protein in pet diets, so creating a protein-packed, balanced food is in everyone’s best interest — freeze-dried meat proteins and vegetables can do just that.

Clean eating

The clean eating trend has taken the pet food industry by storm. With more attention paid to food sustainability and natural products, it’s no surprise that pet owners are now focused on the quality of ingredients in their furry friends’ food. With consumers looking for non-GMO, gluten-free, organic, natural, free from artificial colors, and preservative-free, “clean label” is an umbrella term used to describe them all.

Reducing preservatives is an easy way to become part of the clean label group, especially if your ingredients come preserved without additives. In fact, 84 percent of pet owners pay as much attention to the ingredients in their pet’s food as the ingredients their family eats. Pet owners want quality products, and the industry is giving it to them.

Dog eating all natural pet food.

Transparency in pet food

Going hand in hand with clean eating, pet owners want transparency. While pet kibble can all look the same, they’re not all made equal. Owners want to know they’re getting the best. Trust between consumer and supplier is key when it comes to transparency. Ninety percent of pet owners in the U.S. say it’s important that their pet food provides transparency of ingredients. Naturally sourced products, preserved in safe and sustainable ways, are key.

With our naturally gluten-free, preservative-free freeze-dried products, you can be confident about the ingredients used in your pet products. And you can transfer that trust on to your customers. For more information on our freeze-drying process, connect with us or get in touch via Facebook or LinkedIn.