The biggest food-centered holiday is nearly here: Thanksgiving. To keep sane during this trying time of food preparations and cooking, easy recipes are a must. Freeze-dried foods offer exciting culinary options for the holidays. In addition to saving time and allowing for advance prep, here are some unique spins on classic holiday dishes you can try.

Super fast mashed potatoes

Everyone loves a full helping of mashed potatoes. Freeze-dried food can help save time with all that peeling and dicing. First, you need some freeze-dried potatoes. Simply drop them into boiling water, wait a few moments for them to reconstitute, drain, and then add the rest of the ingredients from your favorite mashed potato recipe and blend.

Easy green bean casserole

Green bean casserole is the perfect combination of creamy, savory, and fresh all at once. And do not forget the crunchy, fried onions on top. Mix up a traditional green bean casserole with the use of freeze-dried green beans instead of fresh or canned. They make prep a breeze and retain all of the green bean’s original nutrients.

Ready-made apple pie

Who needs a can of pie filling when you can whip up your own at home? Take freeze-dried apples and mix in sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and any other secret spices you enjoy. When it comes time to make the pie, just add boiling water to your filling mixture, and you’ve got a delicious apple pie ready for baking, without any unnecessary additives.

Upgraded stuffing

Save time by preparing all the ingredients for your delicious stuffing in advance. All the vegetables in a stuffing can be freeze-dried and rehydrated in a saute pan right before you add the bread chunks and pop it in the oven.

Divine cranberry sauce

Last but not least, the versatile cranberry. Once it’s freeze-dried, it can be sprinkled on any dessert, from ice cream to pie. Or, add water and spices for a delicious sauce that is sure to provide the perfect side dish to any holiday meal.

Hopefully, we have left you with a few great ideas for holiday meals. Now, it’s time to start menu planning and hit the grocery store before all the good turkeys are taken.

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