The food industry is in a period of shift. Products fall in and out of fashion, and new trends materialize and disappear almost too quickly to keep up. But Innova’s food trends are well-researched and not mere flights of fancy.

Mercer Foods is consistently keeping our finger on the pulse of the industry, ensuring that we stay relevant and forward thinking. Check out Innova’s top 10 food trends, and then see how Mercer Foods stays on top of all of them.

1. Organic growth for clear label

Food manufacturers are responding to consumer desires for clearly labeled food, including foods that have “organic” and “non-GMO” labels. Mercer Foods sources only non-GMO produce and specializes in a variety of organic fruit and vegetable product offerings.

2. “Free from” for all

The popularity of products that are “free from ingredient x” is rising, with consumers showing increased concern about what makes up their food.

3. The “flexitarian” effect

A growing number of consumers are turning toward meat alternatives in an effort to eat less meat, while not adopting a full vegetarian lifestyle.

4. Processing the natural way

Ancient food preparation practices like fermentation are back, answering consumers’ calls for healthier more natural options. Freeze-drying is also an ancient practice, dating back thousands of years.

5. Green light for vegetables

More and more people are acknowledging the importance of making vegetables a large part of a healthy diet, and there is a huge demand for delicious foods loaded with the health benefits of vegetables. Freeze-dried sweet corn and snap peas are a tasty vegetable snack.

6. Creating a “real” link

People want to know more about where their food comes from beyond a certification. Mercer Foods maintains and updates numerous programs, which ensure that all health regulations as well as safety, food, and sanitation standards are constantly met.

7. Small players, big ideas

Millennials are the new market and they often choose small businesses that do one thing well over large corporations that may have a wide range of products. Mercer Foods focuses on doing one thing well — making great freeze-dried foods.

8. Beyond the athlete

Many “athlete-centric” products have expanded their demographics to meet the needs of the everyday consumer, and Mercer Foods produces many of ingredients that can be used in everything from snack bars to shakes.

9. The indulgence alibi

People still enjoy eating “indulgent” foods, but they love them even more when they are made with natural and wholesome ingredients.

10. Tastes for new experiences

Consumers are looking for food experiences that are outside the box. Extreme flavors and textures are becoming more prominent in the food industry. Mercer Foods is committed to creating innovative and exciting ways to snack. Check out our new products for delicious examples.

By producing a sustainable and quality product, you meet the needs of every oncoming trend. Interested in finding out what Mercer Foods can do for you? Contact us, or let us know your thoughts about food trends on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.