Industry-leading producer of natural and organic freeze-dried foods honors its origins, while looking ahead to future growth and development

MODESTO, Calif. (JANUARY 10, 2015)—Mercer Foods, the industry leader in natural and organic freeze-dried foods, announced today that the company will be celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2015 and will honor the legacy of founder Jim Mercer.

“2015 is a year for us to move dramatically forward in all of our key initiatives, but also to look back to our foundations and the vision of our founder Jim Mercer,” said David Noland, CEO of Mercer Foods. “Throughout our company history, we have followed Jim’s commitment to high quality and outstanding service to our customers. Jim was also a person with the highest personal standards; he taught us to work with high ethical standards and to treat both our customers and our fellow employees with respect.”

Pamela Mercer Denney, daughter of Jim Mercer, serves as co-owner and board member of Mercer Foods while also leading the company’s worldwide sourcing. “My father was the consummate food scientist and food professional,” said Denney. “He worked in product innovation for many years prior to starting Mercer Foods. I remember the pride that he felt when the first freeze-dryers were installed in his original facility in Palo Alto. I think he would be very proud to see the success of the company today, its growth and success, and its positive contributions to the industry and the community.”

The freeze-drying process uses advanced technologies that remove all water and moisture naturally without cooking, boiling or otherwise degrading the product. The result is a perfectly intact food, retaining all of its original taste and nutrition, with the greatest nutrient density of any form of drying. Many of the innovations used in the freeze-drying industry were invented by Jim Mercer during his decades as a leading food scientist, when he filed 47 patents.

As Mercer Foods develops, Noland and Denney plan to focus the efforts of the company team on building the company’s capabilities in high quality ingredients, packaged snacks and contract manufacturing of freeze-dried products.

“We are initiating a project to add significantly to the capacity and throughput of our plant,” said Noland. “It was just a few year ago when we expanded by 60%, but we have growth dramatically since then. We also plan to expand our packaged snacks packaging operations and to expand our new product development into new areas. Jim Mercer established the vision for our company, and all of us will work in 2015 and beyond to fulfill it.”

About Mercer Foods

Mercer Foods is a leading producer of natural and organic freeze-dried fruits, vegetables and other foods and ingredients. The company was founded in 1980 by freeze-dried industry pioneer Jim Mercer, holder of 47 different patents in food technology. From its beginnings in the technology center of Palo Alto, California, the company has grown and expanded significantly at its current home in the food industry hub of Modesto, California. Mercer Foods sources hundreds of different foods and crops nearby in the verdant fields of California and worldwide. From this diverse source of supply, Mercer creates the highest quality freeze-dried foods and ingredients, which the company provides to hundreds of food manufacturers and other customers. For more information, visit