Mercer Foods has a meticulous freeze-drying process that ensures the quality, taste, and healthy appearance of each and every product that leaves our facility. There are many moving parts in the operation, but here is a quick peek into the world of Mercer’s operations.

Fresh food comes in

Every material and component used in the manufacturing of our product is monitored and that starts with every single piece of food that enters our facility. First, food enters our 240,000-square-foot facility in Modesto, California. Produce sourced from the best farms with the highest quality standards arrives flash frozen to ensure optimum freshness.

Everything from temperature to appearance is monitored to ensure the freeze-dried process begins with the best materials available.

Produce is prepared

Produce is then prepared to undergo the freeze-drying process and depending on the product, the produce is sliced. Before freeze-drying begins, produce goes through an extensive QA system that monitors physical conditions including size, shape, and color, microbiological elements, and sensory attributes. No added sugars or other additives are involved in the process.

Fruits and veggies are freeze-dried

Finally, the food enters our custom-built freeze-drying machines. At its most basic, freeze-drying removes water from food in the form of water vapor while in a vacuum chamber. This phase change from a solid to a gas is called sublimation. As this process happens, temperature and pressure are carefully monitored to ensure the food remains exactly as it began, sans the water. You can get a more in-depth look at the process here.

The finished product is light and retains its original properties, including the original nutrients.

Product heads to customers

The freeze-dried food is packaged and sealed to ensure no contaminants or moisture affects quality. Products then go through final quality assurance checks. It is then shipped off to customers for use in everything from nutrition bars to pet food.

Then we start all over again.

Hopefully, this quick look offered some insight into how the freeze-drying process works. Freeze-drying is the most advanced and natural way of storing and preserving food. If you’d like to find out more about our products and services, contact us. Or, get in touch on Twitter or Facebook, or LinkedIn.