Industry-leading producer of clean label freeze-dried foods offers the TRUTH IN SNACKSTM range of clean label snacks and AQUA FRUITTM instant infused fruit water mix.

MODESTO, Calif. (September 19, 2016)—Mercer Foods, the industry leader in natural and organic freeze dried foods, announced today that the company is introducing the new TRUTH IN SNACKSTM and AQUA FRUITTM branded product lines at the Natural Products Expo East trade show in Baltimore, Maryland. The Expo East show begins on Thursday, September 22 at the Baltimore convention center and continues through Saturday, September 24.

“In 2016 we have significantly expanded the breadth and depth of Mercer Foods products with the launch of our first two branded product lines,” said David Noland, CEO of Mercer Foods. “Throughout our company history, we have strived to bring the very best freeze-dried products to market. I’m excited that we are expanding in branded products to complement our long-standing leadership in freeze dried organic foods and ingredients.”

Noland noted that both of the new branded product lines provide unique benefits to consumers and trade partners:

    1. TRUTH IN SNACKSTM range of clean label snacks. Today’s consumers increasingly use snacking to satisfy their daily nutritional needs. The Truth in SnacksTM line of clean label snacks features pure and simple ingredients that are authentic, non-GMO, gluten-free and always made with real fruits and vegetables. Truth in SnacksTM is the delicious way to enjoy tempting snacks that are also excellent in nutrition. The initial launch of Truth in SnacksTM includes eight unique and different fruits and vegetables, along with the indulgent innovation of chocolate-enrobed bananas and strawberries and other new product formulations.
    2. AQUA FRUITTM instant infused fruit water mix. Aqua FruitTM is a revolutionary product which uses 100% clean label fruit, with no sugars or flavors added, to make delicious containers of infused fruit water. Aqua FruitTM is available in 3 different blends of citrus and other fruits. The product is perfect both at home in the 1 ounce retail size, and also in hotel and hospitality venues in the 1.8 ounce foodservice size, where guests can enjoy the refreshment of infused fruit water.

As Mercer Foods develops, Noland plans to focus the efforts of his team on building the company’s capabilities in high quality ingredients, packaged snacks, and contract manufacturing of freeze dried products.

“We have expansion plans in place to ensure that we are able to meet the increased market demand for healthy, good-for-you products,” said Noland. “We are also expanding our new product development into new areas. Our founder Jim Mercer established the vision for our company, and we are working in 2016 and beyond to fulfill the promise of Jim’s original vision.”

About Mercer Foods

Mercer Foods is a leading producer of natural and organic freeze dried fruits, vegetables, and other foods and ingredients. The company was founded in 1980 by freeze dried industry pioneer Jim Mercer, holder of many different patents in food technology. From its beginnings in the technology center of Palo Alto, California, the company has grown and expanded significantly at its current home in the food industry hub of Modesto, California. Mercer Foods is California-based and also globally-connected, sourcing hundreds of different foods and crops both nearby in the fields of California and also worldwide. With its roots in innovation and this diverse source of supply, Mercer Foods creates the highest quality freeze dried foods and ingredients, which the company provides to hundreds of food manufacturers and other customers. For more information, visit