When brainstorming ideas for your meals this week, organic freeze-dried vegetables might not be the first idea that springs to mind. But, after reading this article, they hopefully will be. Freeze-dried vegetables are packed with the same nutrients as their fresh counterparts and are more versatile. Read on to find out some clever ideas for incorporating these vegetables into your meals this week.

Power-up breakfast

Freeze-dried vegetables can provide a savory kick to almost any breakfast food. Incorporate them into a egg scramble, where they will provide textural differences and additional flavor. Savory oatmeal recipes offer a twist on traditionally sweet oats. We love adding freeze-dried corn, beans, and chili powder to spice things up. You could also make it extra filling with freeze-dried broccoli and a bit of cheese.

Light and healthy lunch

For those of you who pack your lunch, there is nothing better for a healthy bento-style meal than a panoply of freeze-dried. Corn, broccoli, peas — all of these provide a crunchy snack to accompany a meal, replacing carb-heavy chips. Bring along some hummus for a delicious healthy dip.

Freeze-dried food also makes a homemade version of instant noodles easy. Pack up your work lunches with a bunch of freeze-dried veggies, noodles, and stock, and you have a lunch that is ready to go with the addition of a little boiling water!

Dinner, upgraded

Here is where it gets really interesting. Almost any dinner recipe can be upgraded with freeze-dried. Making chili for dinner? Add some freeze-dried, and it will be just like fresh. Plus, you’re not limited to in-season vegetables. Nearly any food that has a liquid component can be used to reconstitute freeze-dried produce, so they are perfect for almost all soups.

Sprinkle the produce on top of a salad for an added crunch to nutritious greens. (And, for the finishing touches, why not add a little bit of freeze-dried fruit to a cake recipe or ice cream for a delicious end to the meal.) A handy guide to cooking with freeze-dried can give you some more ideas if you are unsure of how to start.

We hope that we have given you a great starting point for incorporating more freeze-dried vegetables into your meals. If you would like to find out more about Mercer Foods’ freeze-drying processes or facilities, head over to our website for more information, or share your own ideas with us on Twitter or Facebook.