At Mercer Foods, we celebrate the apple! With more than 2,500 known varieties grown in the U.S., and upward of 7,500 varieties grown worldwide, apples come in many shapes, colors, flavors, and hybrids. A member of the rose family, apples are an ancient fruit and have been grown for thousands of years.

Far more than just a healthy snack, freeze-dried apples are a versatile, easy addition to many products and pack a tasty, nutritious punch. Here are our favorite things about freeze-dried apples.

They are lightweight

Due to their light weight, freeze-dried foods save time and money, from shipping and packing to sourcing. The average weight of a full apple box is 42 pounds. Using freeze-dried apples can save money for your company and customers without sacrificing taste or nutrition. Buying freeze-dried ingredients in bulk cuts down on packaging and transportation expenses.

They are good for you

Apples are naturally fat-free. They have no sodium or cholesterol and are good sources of dietary fiber. Apples have a small amount of protein, and boast vitamins A and C, as well as calcium and iron. Apples are also packed with antioxidants.

They actually taste like apples

Freeze-dried apples have the perfect balance of tart and sweet while delivering a light, crisp texture. Our freeze-dried foods are pure, without any added preservatives, synthetic flavors, or colors. The versatility of freeze-dried apples makes them a perfect addition to breakfast foods such as muffin and baking mixes, oatmeals, bars, and more. Adding freeze-dried apples to savory dinner options can result in unique flavors and options.

Whatever your product, whether straight from the container or incorporated into a unique brand offering, freeze-dried apples are easy to work with and deliver great taste. If you are looking to use freeze-dried apples in your product or want to explore our other offerings, connect with us or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.