Most people remember the days of being told to “eat your veggies,” and the American consumer has finally taken the advice to heart. Food manufacturers are acknowledging the rising demand for healthier snacks that are natural and free of processed ingredients. Many companies are trying different methods of “naturalizing” their products, and freeze-drying remains one of the best methods for preserving the nutritional integrity of fresh produce for new products.

The “snackifying” of America

The expectations consumers have of their snacks are twofold: healthy, nutritious food that tastes delicious and a quick, on-the-go, snackable form. Food companies big and small are developing new products that combine easy to eat with nutritious and filling to meet the demands of these new trends. It’s at this intersection where freeze-dried food can help.

Keeping nutrition where it belongs

The benefits of a plant-based diet are numerous. Who wouldn’t want a diet that helps maintain a healthy weight, is delicious, and is a major part of combating heart disease and diabetes? Not to mention the positive environmental effects.

Plant-based diets and foods offer all of these positives, and one of the great things about freeze-drying is that it has the best nutrient retention of any preservation method. Whether you take the product and chop it into pieces or grind it into a powder, you have a material that retains the highest level of nutrition, be it for vitamin B complex, fiber, antioxidants, or other nutrients.

On top of the nutritional content, freeze-dried produce can be eaten by itself without the need for any dressing up.

Bursting with flavor

Part of the appeal of plant-based snacks for consumers is that with minimal effort they can obtain a product that retains the color and flavor of a natural and healthy piece of produce. On that front, the freeze-drying process delivers as well, delivering colorfast and flavor retention superior to that of other preservation methods. For manufacturers looking to please, Mercer Foods’ methods can produce the right size of freeze-dried fruit or vegetable to fit any product need. Additionally, lightweight, compact freeze-dried products can be disruptively cost-effective.

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