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Perfectly snackable on their own or incorporated into menu items or packaged foods, freeze-dried fruit brings all-natural sweetness without added sugar. Available in whole pieces, slices, dices and powders, freeze-dried fruits can be incorporated in a wide variety of products or menu items across foodservice and retail. Add flavor and texture to beverages, baked goods, breakfast items, salads and desserts. Can’t find the style, cut or fruit you’re looking for? Contact us and we can create a custom solution together.

Apples, Fuji

The balanced sweet yet tart flavor of Fuji Apples make them perfect for muffins and quick breads.

Apples, Granny Smith

For a crisp texture and tart flavor with subtle sweetness, look to our Granny Smith Apples.


Enjoy the deep, authentic flavor of Banana in exciting cocktails or in breakfast smoothies.

Berry Blend

This blend of Blueberries, Raspberries and Strawberries adds flavor and fun to lemonades, baked foods or whipped into berry-infused creams.


Fold Blackberries into batter for baked goods like pancakes, muffins, breads and cakes to infuse a flavor that is sweet yet slightly tart with earthy undertones.

Blood Oranges

Our Blood Orange slices are a visually striking addition to baked goods and beverages and our powder adds vibrant color to packaged goods or menu items.

Blueberries, Cultivated

Add Blueberries to infused drinks, baked goods and other food creations for a sweet yet woodsy flavor.

Blueberries, Wild

With slightly less sweetness, our Wild Blueberries add a satisfying bite across your menu.

Cherries, Dark Sweet

Dark Sweet Cherries add intense flavor and crimson color to your favorite creations. Try them in baked goods, smoothie bowls, beverage garnishes or whipped cream.

Cherries, Red Sour

Red Sour Cherries incorporate seamlessly into snack mixes or baked goods. Our pieces or powders add brightness to desserts and frozen treats.


Our Cranberries maintain the scarlet-red color, tart yet somewhat bitter flavor and nutritional benefits of fresh cranberries – making them perfect for both sweet and savory uses.

Dragon Fruit

Add visual appeal to ice creams and beverages with Dragon Fruit powder or add texture and color in snack mixes and bakery with our freeze-dried dices.

Grapes, Red

Our Red Grapes are free from added sugar; they’re picked fresh to retain their flavor, color and nutritional benefits.


An emerald green color and a sweet and tart flavor make our freeze-dried Kiwi a versatile ingredient across menus and the perfect pantry snack.


Free from any added ingredients, our Lemons are as clean as they are easy to add to packaged foods, menu items or custom beverages.

Lemon Peel

No prep or food waste necessary with our Lemon Peels – just perfectly natural fruit without any added sugar or artificial ingredients.


Freeze-dried Mango has a complex flavor that balances sweet and tart notes making it both easy and fun to add to your packaged foods, smoothie bowls and beverages.


Add bold flavor and appearance to packaged snacks, beverages or scratch-made restaurant items with our freeze-dried Oranges.

Orange Peel

Use only the part of the orange you need without labor or waste with our Orange Peels – they have the same flavor, color and nutritional value as fresh.


Infuse bold flavor into dressings, desserts, baked goods, smoothies and so much more with our freeze-dried Peaches.


Add flavor to your smoothies, frozen foods or baked goods with our Pineapples or simply enjoy a snack free from any added ingredients and sugar.


Incorporate bold Pomegranate flavor and color into healthy beverages, baked goods, packaged snacks and more.


Our Raspberries will brighten up your offerings by adding a pop of color and sweetness to cocktails, mocktails, dressings and baked goods.


Add a burst of color and sweetness to sodas, lemonades and cocktails for summery refreshment with our Strawberries.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please reach out. With our global supplier network and complete customization options, odds are we can get it for you.

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All products subject to minimum order quantities, seasonal availability, and interruptions due to circumstances beyond our control (e.g. weather or pandemics). Some items may require contracts. We do not process meat or dairy as we operate an allergen-free facility.