• Apples, Fuji

    Freeze-dried Fuji apples have a mild and balanced flavor with notes of sweet honey and tart citrus. Simply eat them as a snack or bake freeze-dried Fuji apples into muffins and quick breads right in your own kitchen. Infuse extra flavor into house-made dressings and beverages at your restaurant by incorporating freeze-dried Fuji apples. We also offer the option to order apples with cinnamon to help you build layers of flavor with less work. If you are looking for a healthy all-natural ingredient to add sweetness without added sugar in your mixes, bars or cereal offerings, consider freeze-dried Fuji apples.


    Fuji apples, Ascorbic acid, Citric Acid


    Store in an ambient environment for up to 24 months depending on packaging – contact us for more information. Open shelf life is up to 5 days.

Available Formats (with or without skin)

  • Fuji Apple – Slices
  • Fuji Apple – Dices
  • Fuji Apple – Powder
  • FlavorFuse Fuji Apple – Cinnamon

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