• Blackberries

    Our freeze-drying process maintains the nutrition, color and flavor of fresh blackberries. Available as whole blackberries, pieces or powder, they have a deep purple color and a succulent flavor that is sweet yet slightly tart with earthy undertones.

    Freeze-dried blackberries have their place in kitchens, on grocery store shelves and restaurant menus. Fold them into batter for baked goods like pancakes, muffins, breads and cakes to infuse with bold blackberry flavor. Incorporate whole freeze-dried blackberries in sodas, lemonades and cocktails for a refreshing blackberry beverage that looks and tastes incredible.




    Store in an ambient environment for up to 24 months depending on packaging – contact us for more information. Open shelf life is up to 5 days.

Available Formats

  • Blackberries – Whole
  • Blackberries – Dices
  • Blackberries – Powder
  • Blackberries – Pieces

Freeze-dried foods are perfect for everyone – see how we can serve you.

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