• Kiwi

    We harvest fresh kiwi at its peak ripeness, then clean it, dice it and freeze-dry it to retain its color, flavor and nutrition. Our freeze-dried diced kiwi has a bright light-green color and a sweet and tart flavor with slight acidity.

    Easily incorporate freeze-dried kiwi into a wide variety of scratch-made or packaged foods and beverages. Sprinkle on top of yogurt to whisk yourself away to a tropical paradise. Choosing freeze-dried kiwi gives you more pieces per pound compared to fresh doesn’t require endless prep time for peeling and cutting dozens of these small fruits.




    Store in an ambient environment for up to 24 months depending on packaging – contact us for more information. Open shelf life is up to 5 days.

Available Formats

  • Kiwi – Dices
  • Kiwi – Powder

Freeze-dried foods are perfect for everyone – see how we can serve you.

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