• Lemon

    Enjoy fresh lemon flavor without the hassle of peeling or slicing fresh lemons. Our freeze-dried lemons are free from any added ingredients – making them a naturally flavorful clean ingredient or garnish for scratch-made creations, packaged foods, menu items or custom beverages.

    From sweet, to sour, to tangy, to savory, freeze-dried lemon can be used in endless ways. Bring tartness to sweet lemon cakes or quick breads. Complement shrimp and garlic in a lemony pasta dish. Team up with ginger in a zingy health-forward tea or juice.




    Store in an ambient environment for up to 24 months depending on packaging – contact us for more information. Open shelf life is up to 5 days.

Available Formats

  • Lemon – Slices
  • Lemon – Powder

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