• Mango

    Available in wedges, slices, diced or powdered, our freeze-dried mango can be used in so many delicious ways. This freeze-dried fruit is vibrant yellow-orange and has a complex flavor that balances sweet and tart notes.

    Use freeze-dried mango in flavorful dressings, bring a burst of flavor to your standard cereal or yogurt, and take your refreshing beverages or cocktails to the next level. Check out our FlavorFuse Chili Lime Mango variety to build intense, unique flavors with less work.




    Store in an ambient environment for up to 24 months depending on packaging – contact us for more information. Open shelf life is up to 5 days.

Available Formats

  • Mango – Slices
  • Mango – Dices
  • Mango – Powder
  • FlavorFuse Mango – Chili Lime

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