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Source the vegetable varieties that you need without the time-consuming cleaning, cutting and preparation of fresh produce. Freeze-dried vegetables bring you the color, flavor and nutrition of fresh with a longer shelf life and easier storage. Consumers are adopting more plant-based lifestyles across foodservice and retail alike. And freeze-dried vegetables can be incorporated into existing formulations or provide an opportunity to create new plant-forward foods. Freeze-dried vegetables add delicious crunch to salads and bowls. To reduce prep and labor, they can be quickly and easily rehydrated as a side dish, in soups or in pastas. If you don’t see the vegetable, cut or style you need, contact us and we can create a custom solution.


Rehydrate Asparagus and serve as a side, or use in soups, salads, pastas and more.


The vibrant natural sweetness, vibrant color and crunchy texture make these Beets a delightful surprise in salads, soups and savory sauces.

Bell Pepper, Green

Top pizzas, salads and sandwiches with Green Bell Pepper for appealing texture and flavor without the prep of fresh.

Bell Pepper, Red

Add delicious flavor and nutrition easily across your menu and in your pantry with these Red Bell Peppers.


Enjoy the powerful nutritional benefits of Broccoli in flavorful sauces or purees – or simply enjoy as a healthy snack.


Free from added ingredients, our freeze-dried Cauliflower offers the same flavor and nutrients of fresh cauliflower all year round.

Corn, Purple

Get creative with freeze-dried Purple Corn without all the work and mess – use our powder to add striking purple color to packaged or fresh-made foods.

Corn, Sweet Yellow

The sweet, comforting flavor of bright yellow Sweet Corn not only makes for a fun standalone snack but also a welcome ingredient in many recipes.


Use our Cucumbers in snack mixes, salads and blended beverages for a refreshing and satisfying flavor.

Green Beans

Incorporate our Green Beans into packaged meals or use in scratch-made dishes year long without the need to clean and cut fresh produce.


This nutrient-dense superfood can be used across your menu and throughout your home with no worries about wilting or wasting Kale.

Peas, Green

Green Peas have a savory flavor with a hint of sweetness combined with an attractive green color and crisp texture making them a perfect addition to your signature-house made sauces like pesto or green goddess dressing.

Peas, Sugar Snap

Enjoy the garden-fresh flavor of Sugar Snap Peas without the hassle – use freeze-dried peas in soups, sauces or dressings for a striking green color and delicious flavor.


Save time on cleaning, peeling and cutting with our freeze-dried Potatoes – ready to be rehydrated and served as a side dish.


Balance sweet flavors in baked goods, confectionary and frozen treats with our freeze-dried Rhubarb.


Easily add Spinach to soups, pastas, stir fries, smoothies and more – all without the unpredictable wilting of fresh spinach or the added moisture of frozen.

Sweet Potatoes

Our Sweet Potatoes are harvested when ripe and prepped just right to add nutrition to sweet and savory dishes.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please reach out. With our global supplier network and complete customization options, odds are we can get it for you.

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All products subject to minimum order quantities, seasonal availability, and interruptions due to circumstances beyond our control (e.g. weather or pandemics). Some items may require contracts. We do not process meat or dairy as we operate an allergen-free facility.