The decision to incorporate an ingredient into a new recipe or product ultimately comes down to two things: product quality and the total cost of production. A great tasting product is one thing, but if it comes at too high a price point, it won’t be a viable option. We have already shown you how (and you may have experienced yourself) the quality of our freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, but what about the cost? Embracing freeze-dried can save both time and money.

Watching the weight

Freeze-dried food often weighs in as a much lighter alternative. Compared with traditional drying or preservation methods, sometimes those weight savings show up at a tenth of the volume. That can mean a lot when it comes to purchasing from distributors. Who would not want more product at less cost?

As an example, the cost of 1,000 freeze-dried blueberries is half as much as the cost of 1,000 traditionally dried or dehydrated blueberries.

Keeping longer

Keeping food fresh is a consistent problem for many food manufacturers and producers. On a day-to-day basis, equipment outages, shipping delays, and other production snags can trip up an operation. When dealing with fresh fruits and vegetables, time is often of the essence to prevent spoilage and waste. And, as we all know, spoilage and waste equals financial losses.

Freeze-drying eliminates the worries associated with food spoilage. Properly packaged freeze-dried foods have a nearly unlimited shelf life, meaning that regardless of what difficulties or snags a production line might experience, the food is always ready for action.

Scratching out additives

Often, food producers can run into the “gummy” problem. Because of the nature of traditional preservation methods, formulators often have to add a slew of additives to keep preserved fruits and vegetables tasting right. Everyone has had the experience of eating what appears to be a gummy bear in place of a piece of fruit in a product. These additives can include sugar, additional salt, and other chemicals. Those chemicals cost money.

Freeze-drying takes this problem in stride as well. Without the need to infuse food with sugar or other additives, you are left with a quality fruit or vegetable piece with a high nutrient density.

If you’re still not convinced, there are other ways freeze-drying can save you money, and we’re happy to share them with you. Get in contact with us, or ask us your questions on Twitter or LinkedIn.