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Save Money With Freeze-Dried Ingredients

Innovation and new product development shouldn’t be cost prohibitive. Using freeze-dried ingredients in your products saves money for your company, as well as your consumer. One of the more versatile ingredients, freeze-dried foods allow research and development teams to create unique items to enhance product assortments. The Benefits of Freeze-Dried Ingredients Overall, freeze-dried food is

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The Science of Sublimation

Freeze-dried food is preserved at the peak of ripeness and nutrient content, easily comparing with fresh produce. The final product of freeze-drying provides flavor, versatility, and nutritional value not found in other types of food preservation. In the freeze-drying process, sublimation is when the magic happens. It’s the scientific name for the moment a solid

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All About Lyophilization

Lyophilization! The scientific name for the art and science of freeze-drying may be a mouthful and spelling bee stumbler, but it ultimately leads to a product that serves many uses.  The lyophilization process can be broken down into three components, which when performed together, results in freeze-dried food. The lyophilization process To start off, the

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Unique Uses for Freeze-Dried Foods

Food innovation is at a high, and with that comes the need to stay ahead of the game and deliver items that consumers demand. Using freeze-dried food in your products adds natural flavor and nutrition. Freeze-drying leaves more nutrients intact in fruits and vegetables than any other preservation method. This means the flavor is never

Unique Uses for Freeze-Dried Foods2020-12-04T12:11:54-08:00
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