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Freeze-Dried Corn: Nutritious, Useful, and Tasty

For many, corn is the official vegetable of summer. Those with an ear to the ground will notice corn making its way into salsas, casseroles, and crowd-pleasing barbecues. Most people are familiar with field corn, though many are not aware of its sweet, buttery counterpart, supersweet corn. This vegetable, combined with the freeze-drying process, can

Freeze-Dried Corn: Nutritious, Useful, and Tasty2020-12-04T12:11:55-08:00

5 Things to Know About Freeze-Dried Foods

1. Freeze-dried foods pack a nutritional punch. Freeze-drying is often seen as a “processed food” because it is made in a large, industrial facility. Because of that misconception, the health benefits of this marvelous food preservation method are often overlooked. In fact, freeze-drying leaves more nutrients intact in fruits and vegetables than any other preservation

5 Things to Know About Freeze-Dried Foods2020-12-04T12:11:56-08:00

Our Transparency, Safety, and Certification Programs

Here at Mercer Foods, we’ve spent the last 37 years perfecting freeze-drying from process to ingredients and more. Our standards are very high and we never cut corners. This includes maintaining and updating our safety, sanitation, and health programs. It’s no surprise that we maintain our plant to focus on quality in every aspect of

Our Transparency, Safety, and Certification Programs2020-12-04T12:11:56-08:00

Why Plant-Based Snacks Are the Wave of the Future

Most people remember the days of being told to “eat your veggies,” and the American consumer has finally taken the advice to heart. Food manufacturers are acknowledging the rising demand for healthier snacks that are natural and free of processed ingredients. Many companies are trying different methods of “naturalizing” their products, and freeze-drying remains one

Why Plant-Based Snacks Are the Wave of the Future2020-12-04T12:11:56-08:00

How to Save Money with Freeze-Dried Food

The decision to incorporate an ingredient into a new recipe or product ultimately comes down to two things: product quality and the total cost of production. A great tasting product is one thing, but if it comes at too high a price point, it won’t be a viable option. We have already shown you how

How to Save Money with Freeze-Dried Food2020-12-04T12:11:57-08:00

An In-Depth Look at Lyophilization

Lyophilization? What is that? It’s not surprising if you haven’t heard the term, but lyophilization (lī-ˌä-fə-lə-ˈzā-shən) is the proper name for freeze-drying. Freeze-drying is both art and science, ultimately leading to a product that can serve many uses (and not just in the food industry). The process can be broken down into three components, which

An In-Depth Look at Lyophilization2020-12-04T12:11:57-08:00

Our 3 Favorite Things About Freeze-Dried Bananas

Primates aren’t the only ones bananas about bananas. Bad jokes aside, at Mercer Foods, we are passionate about each and every one of our freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, and we want you to be passionate about them too. Of course, to really love freeze-dried bananas, you have to know a bit more about them. Luckily,

Our 3 Favorite Things About Freeze-Dried Bananas2020-12-04T12:11:58-08:00

The Sunny Science Behind Solar Panels

Fossil fuels have been our energy partners for much of the 20th and 21st centuries. But now we are seeing a revolution in alternative energies that are clean, cheap, and sustainable. Solar power is an important part of our sustainability operations, and the sun is a major help in powering our facilities. But how do

The Sunny Science Behind Solar Panels2020-12-04T12:11:58-08:00

Exploring the Science of Sublimation

One of the fascinating physical properties of freeze-drying is a process called “sublimation”, a little-known but important process that allows freeze-drying to happen. Most people don’t walk around seeing sublimation in action, but this unique “phase change” where water changes from ice to vapor deserves a little time in the spotlight, as it’s the basis

Exploring the Science of Sublimation2020-12-04T12:11:58-08:00

4 Unique Uses for Freeze-Dried Food

Freeze-dried foods have many different uses, some of which are currently known by some consumers. You can add freeze-dried vegetables to a recipe, make a better dessert, or conveniently pack it for a trip. But what happens when we think outside the box? Join us as we explore several new and unique methods for using

4 Unique Uses for Freeze-Dried Food2020-12-04T12:11:58-08:00
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