Industry-leading producer focuses on nutritional, flavor and ‘clean label’ benefits

MODESTO, Calif. (September 1, 2015)—Mercer Foods, the industry leader in natural and organic freeze-dried foods, published new information today that highlights the benefits of freeze-dried foods and favorably compares freeze-dry technology vs. other forms of food drying.

“During our 35 years of leadership in the food industry, we have gained tremendous knowledge and experience about the qualities of freeze-dried foods and their special characteristics,” said David Noland, CEO of Mercer Foods. “Though not always well-known to the layman, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables retain an unusually high percent of their original flavor and nutrient content. Importantly, this is accomplished without any of the infused or added sugars used by other forms of drying, and without sulfurs or artificial preservatives.”

These qualities are shown in Chart 1 below:

Product Qualities of Four Food Drying Technologies


Sources: 2013 USDA nutrition database; Industry data

The special characteristics of freeze-dried foods, along with their simple goodness and avoidance of added sugars or artificial ingredients make them perfect for leading CPG new product formulators. Freeze dried foods are infinitely flexible and “malleable” to change to any needed form and to fit in any food application. Because freeze-dried foods have such high nutrient density and flavor intensity, formulators can incorporate them in smaller, affordable portions while still meeting flavor and nutrition objectives.

The freeze-drying process uses advanced technologies that remove all water and moisture naturally without cooking, boiling or otherwise degrading the product. The result is a perfectly intact food, retaining almost all of its original taste and nutrition, with the greatest nutrient density of any form of drying. Many of the innovations now used in the freeze drying industry were invented by company founder Jim Mercer, a leading food scientist and holder of 47 patents.

As Mercer Foods looks to the future, CEO Noland plans to expand and intensify the efforts of his new product team to create new freeze-dried food and ingredient solutions. “With our experience, we see a very significant increase in our ingredient and contract manufacturing business with these wonderful foods,” said Noland. “The food industry is changing so rapidly that it is literally being turned ‘upside-down,’ with new upstart foods thriving while a number of sugar and chemically-based foods struggle to compete. We are pleased that so many of the new product formulators are approaching us to help them with custom solutions to create the next great generation of foods to meet the evolving needs to consumers.”

About Mercer Foods

Mercer Foods is a leading producer of natural and organic freeze dried fruits, vegetables and other foods and ingredients. The company was founded in 1980 by freeze-dried industry pioneer Jim Mercer, holder of 47 different patents in food technology. From its beginnings in the technology center of Palo Alto, California, the company has grown and expanded significantly at its current home in the food industry hub of Modesto, California. Mercer Foods is California sources hundreds of different foods and crops both nearby in the verdant fields of California and worldwide. From this diverse source of supply, Mercer creates the highest quality freeze dried foods and ingredients, which the company provides to hundreds of food manufacturers and other customers. For more information, visit