Food innovation is at a high, and with that comes the need to stay ahead of the game and deliver items that consumers demand. Using freeze-dried food in your products adds natural flavor and nutrition. Freeze-drying leaves more nutrients intact in fruits and vegetables than any other preservation method. This means the flavor is never synthetic or processed.

Here at Mercer Foods, we know the intricacies of each fruit, vegetable, and protein we freeze-dry, and can help you determine which item is best for your product. Whether you want beets, corn, peas, açaí, liver, pineapple, and more, we can make it happen.

We are committed to finding the right freeze-dried solutions for your brand, working with custom ingredients to deliver what you need in the exact size and texture your product requires. Our freeze-drying technology and equipment ensures that the most stringent size and particle requirements are met. If you have an idea, we can most likely make it happen.

One of the best attributes of freeze-dried foods is the versatility of the product. Freeze-dried food opens a world of creative, unique product ideas, like upgrading baking mixes or marketing it as the ultimate travel companion. Check out our infographic to inspire your next big food idea.

How to use freeze-dried food.

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