We have shared before the various ways freeze-dried food can enhance your culinary experiences. This time, we share the freeze-dried possibilities that flavorful, organic freeze-dried fruit brings to the table. Read on to discover the healthy, fruit-filled meal possibilities.

Bolster your breakfast

Fruit is a healthy way to jazz up breakfast. To mix it up, grab some freeze-dried fruits. They have endless breakfast possibilities and offer an alternative to fresh fruit. You can mix them in with oatmeal, stir them into yogurt or a smoothie, or drop them into cereal.

For the more ambitious, add freeze-dried organic fruit to different breakfast baked goods. Mixing them in with pancakes delivers a picture-perfect hot breakfast or add them into muffin mix for a delicious blueberry, strawberry, or banana muffin that is perfect for on the go.

Amp up dessert

There are endless dessert opportunities with freeze-dried fruit. Try mixing freeze-dried strawberries or freeze-dried raspberries in with ice cream for a creamy and fruity treat. Additionally, just like with breakfast, there are many opportunities to mix freeze-dried fruit in with pies, cakes, and other confections. Baking with freeze-dried fruit maintains the integrity of the original recipe because no additional water is added during the cooking process. With fresh fruit, baked goods can become soggy from the additional water in the fruit.

Like many other ingredients, freeze-dried food has a plethora of preparation possibilities. Leave it in its delightfully crunchy form, or mix it in with foods containing liquid to reconstitute it into its original fresh form. If preparing a dessert with liquids or syrups, freeze-dried fruit can provide a delightful textural contrast.

Refresh the drinks

Water is the essence of life, and infused water provides a refreshing kick. Make instant infused water without the hassle of chopping fresh fruit by taking a big pitcher of water and adding a handful of organic freeze-dried fruit. Instantly you are left with refreshing, fruit infused water.

For other drinks, stretch your creativity. Drop freeze-dried cherries into a cola, or infuse soda water with freeze-dried raspberries. You are only limited by your own creativity.

If you would like to find out more about the possibilities that organic freeze-dried fruits offer for food and drinks, get in touch with us, or share your own creative uses with us on Twitter or Facebook.