Beets are finally getting the attention they deserve. Here at Mercer Foods, we take pride in all of our freeze-dried vegetables and fruits, but this snackable good-for-you food is one of our favorites. Taking center stage over the years, beets are getting creative applications on menus, in recipes, and popping up on shelves across the world. No longer an afterthought or relegated to the ubiquitous beet and goat cheese salad, these purple perfections are leaders in the root vegetable rebirth.


Purple foods were named one of our food trends to expect in 2017, with purple carrots, purple corn, purple asparagus, and purple potatoes helping to elevate this color of the year. In a recent evaluation, Whole Foods stated that purple foods and snacks will be in high demand. A powerhouse of the “eat the rainbow” movement, people do not just like beets, they love them. Naturally, beets come in a variety of colors, from deep purple and golden to striped and variegated. Freeze-dried purple beets retain their brilliant color.

Health benefits

Not only are beets one of the most gorgeous foods, they pack some serious health benefits in each bite. They are also a major player in the juicing craze, converting green juice fanatics to red juice devotees.

Beets lower risk of heart disease, improve stamina, control blood pressure, and more. The list of beet health benefits goes on. Freeze-drying preserves the vital nutrients in this power food in a much more shelf-stable application.


Driven by millennials, healthy snacking is not going anywhere anytime soon. Freeze-dried beet chips are a healthy alternative to traditional potato chips, and fit perfectly into the growing trend of plant-based snacks and foods. Mercer offers customized packaging options, from private label to contract manufacturing. These lightweight beets are a natural addition to your product offering to meet the demand of consumers.

As for that one person you know who says they do not like beets — well, that just leaves more for us. (But, we bet it will not take much to convince them.)

If you are ready to be a leader of the new beet generation by incorporating freeze-dried beets into your products, feel free to reach out, or you can message us on Twitter or Facebook.