The peach is a truly amazing fruit that boasts nuanced flavors and distinct colors. Freeze-drying harnesses all the flavor of fresh fruit without losing any of the original taste profiles or nutrition. One of the oldest fruits, peaches predate humans with archeological evidence dating back 2.6 million years to the Pliocene era. Here at Mercer Foods, where we are masters of our craft, peaches are one of the most versatile products we produce.

Below, we look at why adding peaches to your assortment and products is a smart, creative, and profitable choice. Not only will freeze-dried peaches entice consumers, but they can also help you land more shelf space.

Flavor and Color

Of the many ways peaches are preserved, freeze-drying is a clear leader in capturing the flavor and essence of the fresh fruit. Unlike other forms of dehydrated peaches, our freeze-dried product retains the fruit’s summery orange-yellow hue naturally, without any added preservatives such as sulfites. The rich peach color pops and looks appealing to consumers. While the experience of biting into a fresh ripe peach is unmatched, we believe the freeze-dried flavor of our peaches is a close second. All of the original flavor qualities are preserved without any additives.

Freeze-dried peaches taste almost the same as fresh peaches.

Freeze-dried peaches retain the superb peachy colors and flavors found in the fresh fruit.


Freeze-dried peaches have a wide range of uses. Not just for grab-and-go snacking, freeze-dried peaches are ideal for recipe development. The rich, peachy flavor incorporates well into breakfast items such as oatmeals, granolas, and baking mixes. Freeze-dried peaches are also a fun item to add to nutrition and snack bars. We are able to offer our customers freeze-dried peaches in many sizes and shapes, from large slices to small chunks to powders.

Use freeze-dried peaches in breakfast and granola bars for added flavor.

Freeze-dried peaches are a fun addition to nutrition and snack bars.


Fresh peaches in the supermarket have a very short seasonal span, but with the freeze-dried version, you never have to worry about availability, growing season, or ripening. They are always perfect, flavorful, and convenient. Not only does this save money in the long run, it creates efficiency and dependability for your product launches and roll-outs.
Now that you are swooning over freeze-dried peaches, are you ready to add them to your new product or next season’s assortment? When you work directly with Mercer Foods, you have the ability order as much or as little freeze-dried peach product as you need. Get in touch with us, or reach out via Facebook or Twitter.