Pineapple conjures up images of lounge chairs, sandy beaches, tropical oases, and overall smiles. It is also an excellent source of magnesium and vitamin C. Lucky for us, and our customers, we harness all the wonderful factors of the fruit in a perfect freeze-dried offering. Freeze-drying preserves all of the nutrition and benefits of pineapple in a shelf-stable application.


Freeze-dried pineapple provides an unmatched natural flavor. Of course, it is easy to munch on straight from the package, but freeze-dried pineapple is a unique and easy addition to consumer packaged goods. Used in chunks or diced pieces, it incorporates into any brand item from bars to cereal to yogurt and more. Freeze-dried pineapple also shines when ground into a powder form. This allows you to bring the true essence of the fruit to life for the consumer by integrating it into your product.

Easy to Eat

Our process makes freeze-dried pineapple easier to eat than any other form of the fruit.

We have taken care of the prep work, so there is no rind or core to deal with. There is also no sticky residue that is often found with dried pineapple. Have you ever experienced a stinging or burning in your mouth when eating pineapple? Pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme that digests protein and can be very hard on your mouth. Freeze-dried pineapple eliminates the painful side effects sometimes experienced when eating the fruit.

Year-round Availability

Fresh pineapple is only available at certain times of the year for most of us. Freeze-dried pineapple allows the summery fruit to be available in all seasons, so you are not limited to a certain season when it comes to producing and packaging your product. This can also help keep costs down by not having to store fruit that can spoil.


Freeze-dried pineapple is one of the more versatile fruits available. Tossing a piece into water makes for a great infusion, while it is also a star in baking. However, pineapple is not just used in its edible form. Beauty companies have touted the benefits of pineapple for years, and utilizing freeze-dried pineapple powder in shelf-stable products is a great natural choice.

Whatever your product, whether straight from the container or incorporated into a unique brand offering, freeze-dried pineapple is easy to work with, delivering great aroma and taste. If you are looking to use freeze-dried pineapple in your product, or want to explore our other offerings, connect with us, or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.