With summer comes snap peas, and we happily captured the goodness of this delectable vegetable in an easy freeze-dried application. One of the most enjoyable plants to grow and eat, snap peas may be small, but they pack large satisfaction. The crunch, taste, and flavor of freeze-dried snap peas all add up for an exciting green snack anytime of day. Due to their light weight, freeze-dried foods save time and money, from shipping and packing to sourcing. Below, we look at our four favorite things about these wonderful green goodies.

1. Flavor

Of all the foods we freeze-dry, snap peas may be one of the most universally loved here at our headquarters. While there is nothing quite like eating one straight from the vine, freeze-dried snap peas are a close second. The garden-fresh flavor is rich and lively, and captures the just-picked essence of the vegetable any time of year.

2. Texture

Freeze-dried snap peas stay whole! Many pea crisp snacks on the market are actually ground peas formed into a pea shape and fried, which accounts for the oily residue. With freeze-dried peas, all you get is the vegetable with no added fillers or oils. Their satisfying crunch makes them perfect for dipping, adding to a salad, or just eating on their own.

3. Nutrition

Freeze-dried snap peas are delicious and nutritious! A strong source of vitamin C, freeze-dried snap peas also contain vitamin A, as well as a bit of calcium and iron. The freeze-drying process preserves all the vitamins and minerals in a reliably shelf-stable application.

4. Snackability

Freeze-dried peas are portable and never get mushy. They are a perfect accompaniment to an afternoon hike, or longer backpacking trip. A healthy option for anytime munching, kids love the taste and size, and parents can relax knowing their kiddos are chowing down on wholesome snacks.
Peas, please! Are you interested in adding freeze-dried snap peas to your new product or next season’s assortment? Get in touch with us, or reach out via Facebook or Twitter.